PestNZ Owner/Operator Mike Wills is definitely not a cricket fan – when it comes to his job that is.

Forget about the popular game, it’s the tiny insects that have been his constant bugbear over the dry, warm months of summer and autumn.

For crickets have been swarming to the bait stations he uses to target rats. The crickets are attracted to the rat bait, nibbling through the bait, much to Mike’s annoyance.

The record-breaking summer has provided perfect conditions for the insects to multiply, says Mike.

“They’ve been a bit of a pain this year but thankfully they’ll soon go with the onset of winter and cooler conditions and when the weather turns wet.”

With the coldest part of the year ahead, Mike has been contacted by a number of customers in Tauranga, Auckland and the Waikato, keen to take preventative measures to avoid rats becoming a problem over winter.

“Like humans, rats like to keep cosy and warm as it gets colder. They will be looking to find shelter and warmth and buildings are ideal.”

He’s warning building owners to have in place a rodent-control programme to avoid further problems.

Rats commonly forage in a 50-meter radius and one colony may dominate an entire building, says Mike.

“We can control the problem with a few well-chosen bait and trap placements. Simple action now can prevent the situation escalating if rats enter a building and begin breeding over winter.”

PestNZ’s Integrated Pest Management System is a strategic approach to pest control that minimises risks to people and the environment.
The four-step programme is an effective way to prevent rodent problems reoccurring, said Mike.

Crickets have been enjoying the record breaking summer and autumn weather.